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Atif helps entrepreneurs and business owners unlock their potential and achieve extraordinary success in both business and life.

About Atif Javid
About Atif Javid

Atif Javid is a success coach, entrepreneur and founder of three multi-million-pound businesses.

By studying the strategies and practices of the world’s outstanding achievers and experimenting tirelessly, Atif transformed his business and life into the successes they are today.

These hard-won understandings taught Atif that success and achievement is possible for anyone who is open to developing and growing their Mindset; improving their Body and physical state; and learning how to take Action to execute on their goals and dreams. Read Atif’s Story.

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My Mindset Body Action (MBA) approach forms the nexus of my unique MBA Programme. If you’d like to transform your business and life for the better and make good on your goals (just like I did), go to my MBA Programme page to find out more.


A rewarding part of my work is empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their goals. But, the most gratifying part is watching them overcome and defeat the obstacles that stand in their way.

My aim is to give away a large proportion of my material – for free – via this website and make that free material better than 99% of other people’s paid content.

So, if you’re looking for a place to start, go to my Blog page and read some of my posts. If you like them, why not subscribe to receive them weekly, direct to your email? I promise you’ll get something positive out of each one that you can put into practice right away.